Army of Ink Go Ask The Frogs

army of ink go ask the frogs


Where to from here?  Go ask the frogs?

Personal interpretation …. I think this little girl has surfaced from a long period of self exploration with a firmer trust in her ability to create a future of her own making.  But she’s also aware that the greatest obstacle to this process is herself—and her tendency to self sabotage.  Will I?  Won’t I? Stomp on those sandcastles?  Crush the opportunity, the possibility,  and the hope before me?

Maybe the sandcastles also represent the bucket loads of experiences she has in credit, along with the many things she’s created to support her self—to stay afloat.  But all of these things tend to crowd her at times, making it necessary for her to place them in some kind of order – give them a place.

army of ink go ask the frogs

The sandcastles also have a chess like appearance, suggesting she plan carefully her next move.  But it could also be about play, the importance of it, particularly if you’ve been short changed in your growing up years.

The fragility and placement of the sandcastles hint that she may need to carefully and thoughtfully plot her path forward. The fact she’s still wearing the foggy goggles she wore when in her life guard tower perhaps suggests she’s still not quite clear where she’s actually going.

Why Frogs?  Frogs are renowned for being accurate indicators of disturbances (to the environment).  Just like the Army of Ink are accurate indicators of disturbances to the self.   Both intuitively knowing when something’s not right.

army of ink go ask the frogs

We should be concerned when the frogs go silent – or in the human realm….when people cease expressing how they truly feel.  Cease voicing their opinions.  Telling their stories. Cease connecting with those around them.

I don’t believe it’s overly helpful to pretend all is well, and the world’s all good, and you’re ‘having a nice day’ – particularly if you’re not.   A good hold on reality, and an a practiced ability to express it, surely builds far more resilience in us as individuals and society than pretending all is fine.  And reality is surely the most powerful motivation for seeking out the good in the world around us.  And it does exist.

So back to the frogs….what was their answer?  Unfortunately frogs don’t give us the answers, they simply croak it when things go wrong – leaving us to work it out for ourselves.  As we all eventually must.

army of ink go ask the frogs

See also a talk I gave at Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital that explores what to do, ‘When somethings not right’.   And a previous frog toned trooper, Army of Ink Grumpy Green Bones.

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