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September 10, 2014 - Dare To Be Different

Thanks Chloe for recommending this movie with a message (available in video stores and on-line).  See also….‘Elastic Heart’ from Hunger Games, another movie that captures the warped direction society could be heading – if left unchallenged;  ’Coming Unstuck’ about the dangers of labels (and putting people in boxes – much like the factions in ‘Divergent’); a message from Lorde; ‘Rose # 2‘ on independence and being yourself; ; ‘Strange Difference‘;  a poem I wrote called, ‘If I was made of chocolate‘ (from Clunk & Jam book); and ‘The Black Dog Story’.

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August 21, 2014 - Army of Ink # 100

We all have secrets – and secret fears.  And sometimes we have ‘leftover’ fears, the ones we experienced long ago and the threat is actually long over but we feel the fear and respond to it like it’s still fresh and real.  This ‘ink’ seems to be suggesting an emptying of pockets to free herself from the lingering things that may still confine her – and/or define her in a negative light.  For some of us, our greatest task in life is to rewire our minds and the ingrained responses it triggers by challenging those fears – replacing them with new experiences.  Think – re-filling your pockets with good stuff.   Re-shaping yourself.  And each time you have a win (or even fail as the quote in the post below suggests), you get stronger and more confident in doing things you once avoided.  Her arrival seems to pose questions like… what’s stopping you making changes in your life?  What are you afraid of?  What are you hiding?  Hiding from?  What’s stopping you going places outside of your comfort zone – comfortable rut maybe?  ’Feel the fear and do it anyway” as someone once said.  It’s how we grow.  Her waffle pants seem to suggest space for the filling – room to move?

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August 21, 2014 - Do ‘Might Fail’

Art by Nedko Solakov’s from book, ’99 Fears’.  Quote by  Seth Godin (interview from latest edition of Dumbo Feather magazine.  Click the link to get to his BLOG.

August 18, 2014 - Growing Down

Following on from the ‘Dear Dad‘ post, this is an excerpt from my book, In My Room.  (Art by Harley Manifold).  We’re constantly being bombarded with messages that make us feel ‘less’, ‘not good enough’.  Much of which is conveyed through the media, is ingrained in our culture and in ways we’re parented – and later parent.  I view this piece of ‘flippy’ statements as a check list of what not to say to kids – to anyone.  It hurts and it sticks.

This is fun….stop being silly.    Look at me…..stop showing off.   I’m so proud of this …..don’t get too big for your boots.  I can do what I like….what will people think.  I like these clothes… can’t go out dressed like that.    I like this music….turn that crap down.    I’m tired….don’t be so lazy.    This feels good…..don’t be so selfish.  I did really well… can do better than that.    I know what I want…..don’t be so fussy.   I can try again….you always stuff up.    I’m really good at this……who the hell do you think you are.      Can I have some more…..don’t be such a pig.   I feel sad…..Don’t cry – stop your nonsense.   That hurts….don’t be such a sook.   When I grow up ….you’ll never amount to anything.

The back of the book has the reverse language….

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August 13, 2014 - Dear Dads

(Above) Interview with Bruce Robinson a Perth Doctor and Scientist who heads ‘The Fathering Project’,  a University of WA based group helping Fathers be exceptional Dads – check out the website link for a great parenting resource.  Article found in The Australian Financial Review 5-6 July 2014.

Being a parent is a really tough gig and being a kid of a parent who struggles in that role is really tough.  But there’s hope when someone like Bruce and his Project speaks of and validates that struggle and provides some positive guidance.  Please pass this on…..

July 26, 2014 - Army of Ink # 99

The initial story went…..She put her hand on her heart while she carefully collected her thoughts.

Her heart was threatening to launch itself right out of her chest.  She felt she was losing hold of what was real and what was not.  So she took herself aside to a quiet spot with truth firmly in hand, in heart and in book.

FOOTNOTE:  She looks almost ready for blast off in those heels, but I have since suggested quiet, considered steps might be a safer way to travel ….

PS:  My apology for not posting the Clunk & Jam notes lately, will update soon.  In the meantime, pass this on to all fellow followers of their hearts and minders of their truth….