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March 12, 2014 - Courage to Write

Many young folk have difficulty reading and writing – and older folk too.  If you could do with some encouragement or empathy in your struggle, listen to Paul Jennings, an author well known to young readers, as he shares some of his story.  He talks about rejection; losing (and finding again) the confidence to write; fame; and boys wanting to fly.   Give him time to warm up  …..

(Interview by Dumbo Feather, a magazine.  I’ve collected it since its first copy and forever inspired by Founder, Kate’s courage to fly….and introduce us to others who dare to be different…. and follow creative passions and paths.)

Previous post about Paul Jennings…. ‘Unwanted Thoughts’, and boy related things here.

*  There will be some big breaths between posts at the moment as I spend precious time with Mum.  Keep popping in, I’ll get back here when I can.

February 20, 2014 - Onslaught

The above campaign was released back in 2007 but it still sends an accurate message about our toxic culture and media and of the cleverness and manipulative nature of advertising.  But let’s not be  fooled …..this beauty product company’s ultimate agenda is to sell more beauty products to us from the exposure this campaign gave them -and the feel good it gives viewers.  And yes, by posting this, I’m giving them more exposure but hopefully also prompting some critical thinking to combat that.

More about this company’s clever sell previously featured on Black Dog here. Bra Wars is worth a revisit on this topic as is Hanky Panky.   Follow the signs.  Pleasa Sava Mona And No Idea.  Strange Motivation is a funny but true clip (featuring a Hippo) which reflects the blow to our self esteem and body image from constantly comparing ourselves to others – and the perfect people in the ads.

Pass it on to all the critical thinkers you know…..

February 18, 2014 - Butt Out

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January 16, 2014 - what a difference

Check out a fish tale previously posted here.  And a squirrel story from Meg and Jack White’s elephant album here.  If you’re intrigued by the life and creativity of Jack White, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) or The Edge (U2) there’s a great doco out  tracing their individual journeys and finally bringing them together for a jam session.  It’s called, ‘It might get loud’.


December 20, 2013 - Army of Ink # 93 Last for 2013

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To get to a point where you can seek answers to the big questions from within yourself, and trust in that direction, is the ultimate state of liberation.   A large degree of credit must go to the Army of Ink troops who arrive on my page and continue to be the major guide and source of wisdom and strength in my life, and the lives of others as they venture out into the world through Black Dog.

I thank those who’ve kindly sponsored the gifting of books to children and young people in the community this year and everyone who has supported Black Dog in a variety of ways.   Leave you with a poem I wrote called, ‘The Crossing’, which reflects on the personal progress we make and the importance of acknowledging it.  And a previous post called, ‘Roar’.

See you back in 2014 for more Ink.   Pass trooper #93  on – and may we all strive to be the masters of our ‘self’….  Here’s a final salute to the Army of Ink for 2013 here.

JB and Black Dog

PS: I’ll be back after a snooze about mid January … with the  Clunk & Jam notes I’ve neglected to add to the last few months of posts then too.

December 16, 2013 - Pornography is a Bitch

Following on from ‘PG Porn Guaranteed’, this controversial video sees Lily poking fun at our sexed up world – and if your kids are watching music video shows on telly, it’s guaranteed they’ll be getting some screwed up messages about sex.  Could be a good opportunity to open up the revised ‘birds and bees’ talk and talk about porn?  After all, it’s going to be around (like it or not) and they need to be skilled up on being able to think critically about it, be aware of the implications – and challenge it.  See previous post about ‘world proofing our children’ in ‘Must Watch’.