June 9, 2015 - Thumbs Up To Nice Guys

It must be tough being a sensitive, nice guy in a macho, sexed up, muscled up, revved up, mucked up, violent world.  Thumbs up to all the ‘nice guys’ (and girls for that matter) who choose a different path.  That takes balls – and brains.  Check out The Black Dog Story about difference.  And think about this and this.  Pass it on to all the nice you know  ….

May 20, 2015 - Wearing The Hurts

robin small arrows

‘Robin Small wandered wide in avoidance of all things hard to touch.’

Artist, Shaun Tan said about drawing:  “While there is no set meaning in any of these drawings, there is an invitation to seek one (for myself as much as any other audience).  A scene or a character seems to look back from the page and ask, ‘What do you make of this?’  Each sketch suggests its own ‘untold story’.”   Here’s some recent personally relevant meaning that emerged around this particular  guy….

The initial thread of Robin’s story ‘avoidance of all things hard to touch’, seems to elude to his trouble with intimacy.  Robin’s arrows are perhaps symbolic of his painful experience of relationships and of interacting with others?  Each arrow representing each jab of pain he has felt so deeply—a backpack of hurts.  His heavy cloak and oversize ‘buttoning up’ an armor against further and future hurt.  But I don’t think Robin has shut down or closed off.

The fact that he carries no bow with which to fire or fight back or defend himself is hopeful.  His delicate nature and presence seems to suggest his openness to attempt to re-engage in ‘things hard to touch’.  Allow himself to trust and to feel and to experience intimacy once more.

Robin’s softness seems to suggest that re-engaging in relationships and life, (and with his feelings), does not require him to be tougher and stronger – but to be more comfortable in his vulnerability.  More accepting of a full range of feelings and emotional experiences.  Wearing his backpack of pain more openly, more unashamedly, with those he can trust – or those worth taking the risk to connect with.

Original arrival here.  And book and card collection here.  View all Robin Smalls here.

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October 21, 2014 - Introducing Robin Small

robin cards pegged

Introducing Robin Small . ( Handmade book or card collection)

His future lay unbound….Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is not the crusading sort, he’s more of an outsider who is simply heroic in his own time. He is apprehensive in nature and within the modern world, yet stands firmly in his vulnerability. He is wise and brave in his own life and journey – and the steps he takes towards a future of his own making. Search Robin Small to view the entire series in the BLOG.  Find in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and card collection in Shop.

Robin small book

October 20, 2014 - Robin Small Not So Handy

robin small hands

Robin Small was unbearably awkward in pubic and so began the battle of – what to do with hands .

Footnote:  This Robin was the first to arrive on my page.  He emerged from a time of great apprehension and hesitation around the prospect of creating change;  the necessity I felt to move into a different space;  the fear I had of failure and unknown spaces – and the overwhelming largeness of the world around me.   It was nice to have Robin’s gentle company in such a time.  He helped me sit still and work things out.

September 8, 2014 - There Will Be More Moments

he ll be ok

he ll be ok  face

he ll be ok text

A good message from book ‘He’ll Be OK – Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men’ by Celia Lashlie.

March 15, 2014 - Wax Winged Boy

wax winged boy

The Lament for Icarus by H. J. Draper  Original in colour.  Following on from the previous post along the lines of  ‘boys wanting to fly’ …

Looked up the story about Icarus.  ‘ The main story told about Icarus is his attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned. The myth is a tragic example of failed ambition.’ I guess the message could be….be careful how high you’re reaching for, some instructions are good to follow – and flying is best done in planes.