March 12, 2014 - Courage to Write

Many young folk have difficulty reading and writing – and older folk too.  If you could do with some encouragement or empathy in your struggle, listen to Paul Jennings, an author well known to young readers, as he shares some of his story.  He talks about rejection; losing (and finding again) the confidence to write; fame; and boys wanting to fly.   Give him time to warm up  …..(Interview by Dumbo Feather, a magazine).

December 16, 2013 - PG: Porn Guaranteed

porn guaranteed

Art by Seth Armstrong (original in colour).  Article by Nikki Gemmell, found in The Weekend Australian Magazine, Nov 23-24, 2013.

“I guarantee you that if you have a 14 year-old boy and he has internet in his bedroom, he is looking at pornography,” declares Dr Victor Strasburger, lead author of a new policy from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Its main recommendation:  that children should spend no more than two hours a day online.  And what of those teenagers all about us, with their phones and their screens?  I don’t have kids of that age yet, but already I’m worried.  Because I look at blooming, beautiful older boys around me, raised by enlightened parents who’ve taught them to be new men of a post-feminist world; tender and kind, tolerant of difference and most importantly, respectful of women, not afraid of them.  Boys who’ve been raised with a healthy dose of that all-important buzz phrase, EQ.  Emotional intelligence.

Then the boys get the phone.  Their own screen.  They start looking at what all their mates are looking at.  And for women, it ain’t pretty.  Hardcore porn.  Anal sex, group sex, oral sex – women servicing men.  And what’s on the screen is almost impossible to police, no matter how “well” those boys have been raised.

How does this impact on how our boys will relate to women?  What lovers they’ll eventually make if this is the instruction they’re getting during that fevered time of raging hormones, curiosity and wonder?  It makes Playboy and the sex manual of old seem positively innocent.

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November 5, 2013 - BOy Can’t Fly

boy cant fly


And anyway, fixing is rarely quick and some things are better left alone – like the notion of the Super Hero and this whole saving the world business.

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November 5, 2013 - BOy Fishing

boy fishing

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September 26, 2013 - Lost Stories

lost stories

lost stories text

Bought this book…called ‘The Mysteries of Harris Burdick’ by Chris Van Allsburg.  The book contains 14 beautiful drawings without stories, just titles.  The artist has never been found, nor the stories he wrote about the pictures.  But they were published as a collection of drawings in the hope that children will be inspired by them – and write their own stories (grown ups too).

Introduction of book reads …”Thirty years ago a man called at Peter Wender’s office

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August 4, 2013 - Makes you wonder Alice

Boy wished for impossible things….

impossible boy fighting

….adults grew up and stopped fighting.


impossible boy road toll

Roads didn’t take their toll and the sky could breathe again.


impossible boy road toll

Mother nature didn’t get so angry.


impossible boy goodnights

Homes were homes and goodnight’s were safe.


impossible boy old days

Morning brought back the good ol’ days.



impossible things

He was invisible to the world and it to him – and tears were allowed to flow as freely as oil and concrete.

Footnote:  Alice (from Wonderland) tells her Mad Hatter friend her Uncle told her to wish for 6 impossible things before breakfast.  With this in her tiny pocket she slays the Jabberwocky and everyone lives happily ever after – and we may not, but let us vow not to be beaten by Jabberwockys and impossible things for that matter.

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