April 24, 2015 - Dare To Fail – In The Arena


March 16, 2015 - Army Of Ink Give It Back

army of ink give it back 2

Give It Back .

Sometimes people take things that belong to me.  I’ll help you find it again.

Find her in  ’21 Friends’ postcard collection.  And watch this uplifting clip that sings like an anthem for the Army of Ink … ‘Long Live the Girls’.

February 26, 2015 - Why Don’t They Just Leave ?


happy ever after


Answering The Question .  (Image from book, In My Room, see story, A Life Left PDF or read below).

Watched some of the Q&A program on ABC TV this week about partner abuse/assault.  The most often asked question around this issue seems to be, ‘Why don’t women just leave’.  Women often don’t leave because they love their husbands; or partners or because they fear for their lives; or the uncertainty of life beyond where they are.  And these women aren’t weak.  In fact their strength lies in their qualities of loyalty, compassion and resilience and it’s these qualities that often attract men who abuse – and keep women in the relationship striving to make it work.

I hope my personal story (PDF or read below), goes some way to answering, and putting to rest, the most asked question around this issue.   Please pass this on to encourage others to think and care and because there are many suffering in silence and shame out there and feeling to blame and the shame of ‘not being able to just leave’ …

Thanks to Harley Manifold for transforming my story through his beautiful images.   Similar previous posts ,‘Army of Ink Heart Full‘;  ‘Surfers Swear Against Violence’;  ‘People Who Hurt’; ; ‘Black Promise‘.


At 18


Full story ….

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January 30, 2015 - Will Everyone Get Off My Back

bear on wire

Some days feel this impossible – and then you draw strength from a Frenchman who whipped impossible’s arse (true story) here.  Art by Hesam Rahmanian (original in colour), found in ‘Elephant’ magazine.

December 17, 2014 - Dead Bird Theory

Dead Bird Theory

‘Tis a ‘season for giving’ – but maybe also not feeling appreciated …


dead bird theory 2

Feeling left out perhaps ….


dead bird theory 4

And being around people you’d rather not.

From my latest book, Dead Bird Theory, a black comedy about dealing with people who do shitty things.  In website SHOP or from Browne Ink Studio.

November 4, 2014 - Good Difference


What if being different meant you’d never be alone again ?

Imagine…if those of us who felt different could be strengthened in our difference through the sharing of stories….which wouldn’t mean we’d all become the same ….but we might feel less alone in our difference….

Art by Stormie Mills.  Find this in Clunk & Jam book.