April 6, 2016 - Switch The Meaning


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March 2, 2016 - My Place

my place 3

My Place .

Truth is my sanctuary.  A place I enter by trusting there is another place I can be.

It’s slow.  A little reclusive.

Painful and confronting because I’m keeping company with emotions I’ve spent my life trying to escape.

Vulnerable, because I’m sitting in my insecurities.  Pursuing what I deeply care about.

Disturbing, because life, through the eyes of truth, reveals both the beauty and the beast of it.

Overwhelming, due to the acceptance of personal responsibility to create a life that soothes the pain of truth – nurtures new growth.

Lonely, from conceding that ultimately it is self-reliance that will create and secure my destiny.

Sad, from accepting my past is over.

Compassionate, from the realisation that I cannot effortlessly accept myself.  And acknowledging the degree of consciousness it’s going to take to be content with who I am.

Liberated, because the time has come to move – and from having the freedom to explore what awaits.

A stillness, from reaching a place where I feel more comfortable being different than fitting in.  Where I feel a calm but intensely emotional sense of coming home.


Written pre-2006.  Showed a friend this poem many years ago.  She said she was sorry this was how I felt and hoped one day I’d find peace and happiness.  For me, the poem wasn’t a downer – more a revelation.   Liberating.  When you’ve lived a life hiding and surpressing emotion and truth it’s such a breakthrough when you sit with it, allow yourself to ‘feel’ again, and emerge in a better, stronger place.  I’m not sure you find real peace and joy by constantly hanging out with happiness.  But when you break the constraints of keeping secrets and pretending to be okay – that’s when the light comes on.

See previous posts/poems on this theme.  The Crossing  Illuminate the Darkness.  Dancer and The Following Dark.   Hold On (being there for someone who is feeling intensely).  Being a Heroic FriendThe New BraveBoy Oh Boy.  Robin Small is comfortable being vulnerable and wearing his hurts.  This Rose is curious about feelings.  This Army of Ink is protesting about smiley faces.   The Black Dog Story.  Pass it on …

Poem from book, ‘In My Room’.   Artwork Ash Browne.  Design Harley Manifold. 

February 8, 2016 - Think Question Resist Think Again


New York’s underground diva Penny Arcade is worth listening to.  Excerpt from ‘On The Edge’, article in The Australian Newspaper Review…

On unhappiness … “The culture we live in tells us we must keep our unhappiness at arm’s length, but I say no, let’s bring it up close and see if it’s throwing a shadow on the wall that’s 10 times larger than what it really is.”

On the upside of despair … Quentin Crisp used to say to me,  “Miss Arcade, you have transformed your despair into a career.”

On music (and acceptance) … Arcade still sticks the anthem (I Will Survive) on repeat when the going gets tough.  “I medicate through music.  If I’m unhappy I’ll play a certain song 325 times in a row.  But being depressed is part of my lifestyle.”


george orwell

On culture…

“Everything George Orwell said has come true.  It’s 1984 in 2016.  There’s the surveillance.  There’s the destruction of history and the erasure of language.  People are being reduced to silence, told what they can and can’t speak about.  You can hardly say anything without offending people, which means nothing can be discussed.”

About books and loss …. She bought a book in a second hand bookshop by French Philosopher Michel Foucault who was developing the ancient Greek notion of parrhesia.  A parrhesiastes is someone who is compelled to choose frankness and truth instead of falsehood and silence, often with great risk and loss involved.

dumbo man

(See previous post and soul lifting poem from the man above, ‘A Different Way To Tread’.)

Her new show ‘Longing lasts longer’ … it’s a rallying cry to put down the cupcake, that symbol of gentrification and self-absorption, to eschew the banality of conformity, selfishness and, well, the likes of Snow White.  To think, question, resist.   Think again.

damien rice

(Image from Damien Rice CD).

Pass it on to all the thinkers and feelers you know …

November 25, 2015 - White Ribbon Day

window box 2


Today is White Ribbon Day.  Australia’s campaign to prevent men’s violence against women.   I hope my story helps to answer the most often asked question ….Why Don’t They Just Leave?   (Click link for story.  If you have experienced violence the story may bring things up for you so please be careful).  You can do something to show support for the women, children and families affected by violence simply by reading the story and understanding better ‘why women don’t just leave’.  You can help break the silence by passing this on….

Other similar previous articles:  People Who HurtBlack Promise.  Surfers Swear.  And we can bring about change by teaching our boys not to use violence, and not treat our boys with violence as in this Boy Story and act against it, as I failed to do in this situation.

Find help here.

November 17, 2015 - To Paris With Hope

Amelia Bloom arrived last year in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.  She continues to stand by her messages of hope for Paris – and the world.  Please help deliver this small offering by sharing a link to this post through your Facebooks and social media sites.  Print English version here.

Amelia Bloom est arrivé l’année dernière en réponse à l’attaque de Charlie Hebdo à Paris . Elle continue de se démarquer par ses messages d’espoir pour Paris – et le monde . S’il vous plaît aider à fournir cette petite offrande en partageant un lien vers ce post par vos Facebooks et sites de médias sociaux . Imprimer French version ici .

amelia bloom worry bank 4

amelia bloom worry bank text

Amelia Bloom rêvé chaque coin de rue avait une banque de l’inquiétude que tout le monde se sentait en sécurité .



amelia bloom cloud 1

amelia bloom cloud 2

amelia bloom petal cloud text

Amelia Bloom fleurs rêvé augmenté dans les nuages ​​et leurs pétales volé à tous les coins sombres du monde .


bloom balloon

Amelia Blooms balloon

Amelia Bloom rêva qu’elle pourrait transformer le monde en quelque chose d’utile pour qu’elle n’a pas eu à vous en inquiéter plus .


amelia bloom pockets stock

amelia bloom 2

Amelia Bloom rêvait son label , avec des poches pleines d’amour , d’espoir et infini vendus sur le premier jour.


amelia bloom love signs 2

amelia bloom love signs text

Amelia Bloom rêvait poteaux de signalisation ont été faites de miroirs en forme de cœur pour que chacun puisse voir le bien dans leur propre réflexion.

amelia sea breeze

amelia bloom sea breeze text

Amelia Bloom rêvait la brise de mer la suivait partout .


amelia bloom paris

amelia bloom 4

… Et Paris était à sa porte .


See also, ‘Boy Wished for Impossible Things’.  ‘Impossible Things Between the Twin Towers’.  ‘World Won’t Wait’.   Some magic from France.


September 30, 2015 - A Good Black Dog Story

black dog story

The Black Dog Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was bitten by a black dog, so she believed black dogs were bad – they hurt you.

Once upon another time there was a different little girl who had a black dog as a pet so she believed black dogs were really nice.

One day when the little girls were older and walking down the street together, a black dog appeared.  The little girl who’d been bitten by the black dog thought; “Oh no!  A black dog!”  She felt scared and ran for her life.  The other little girl who had a black dog as a pet thought;  “Fantastic!  A black dog!”  She felt excited and ran ahead to give the dog a pat.  This was exactly the same situation but both little girls thought, felt and reacted completely differently.  Why?

The little girl’s had different past experiences with black dogs, so they’d formed different beliefs which affected the way they thought, felt and reacted to black dogs long after the experience was over.

Moral of the story?  We do have choices.  Although we can’t change what’s happened in the past, we can seek to understand how those experiences influence our lives now.  Choose whether or not we continue to be controlled by those experiences.  Choose to challenge our beliefs and thoughts and by doing so, change the way we feel and react and…live reasonably happy ever after.

Pass it on because….you never know who might feel they don’t have a choice right now.

Excerpt from book, ‘In My Room’.  See another Black Dog Story that reflects the Project’s soul.  And some troops who champion for personal transformation and change ….  Army of Ink Dump Dump Dump.  Army of Ink Once Upon A Dark Time.   Army of Ink Rock Star.