July 28, 2014 - Do The Impossible Girls

impossible girl

impossible girl 2

impossible girl plates

The funny side of impossible.   Interesting, Dr Who calls his partner in time ‘the impossible girl’.  Something from the Army of Ink relating to Dr Who and phone boxes here.  Do a possible, good thing by passing on these impossible girls…..

February 18, 2014 - World Won’t Wait

world won't wait tree house

World Won’t Wait .

He felt so burdened by the despicable acts of others.  A cutting despair at not being able to get there on time to save the suffering souls, the ice from melting, trees from falling down around the corner.

Lost in the shadow of shame, cast by human kind, knowing all too well the dread awful things that come to the weak, the marginalised, the strong – and those who resist.

He carried this burden from morning ’til night, until one day he woke to a different tune.  In the tune he caught himself feeling his own sadness, borne from the quest to save all that felt.

Cast in his own time, he could feel every bleeding inch of his broken self, the closeness to his own end – but had the wisdom to retreat, the courage to mend.

(Which, by the way, couldn’t be found in a bottle).

world won't wait little boat


Footnote:  Little boat inspired by the movie, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

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November 6, 2013 - Super What?

Super what dog

Art:  The life of a Super hero.  Andreas Englund says;

” I wanted to let people get to know the man behind the mask and tell his story uncensored. My superhero is far from perfect but that doesn’t mean he is isn’t good. He’s just human. Perfect people is just boring and predictable and who wants that?”

super what man

Personal footnote:  Been exploring the Super Hero notion for some time now and this piece reflects nicely my conclusion ….. keep child like fantastical notions of being a Super Hero, a Super anything in its small place.  Being heroic in your own life is one of the best contributions you can make to the world – and to your ‘self’.  See Robin Small  – he reflects this.

August 4, 2013 - Makes you wonder Alice

Boy wished for impossible things….

impossible boy fighting

….adults grew up and stopped fighting.


impossible boy road toll

Roads didn’t take their toll and the sky could breathe again.


impossible boy road toll

Mother nature didn’t get so angry.


impossible boy goodnights

Homes were homes and goodnight’s were safe.


impossible boy old days

Morning brought back the good ol’ days.



impossible things

He was invisible to the world and it to him – and tears were allowed to flow as freely as oil and concrete.

Footnote:  Alice (from Wonderland) tells her Mad Hatter friend her Uncle told her to wish for 6 impossible things before breakfast.  With this in her tiny pocket she slays the Jabberwocky and everyone lives happily ever after – and we may not, but let us vow not to be beaten by Jabberwockys and impossible things for that matter.

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February 28, 2013 - Robin Small is hard to touch

robin small arrows

Robin Small wandered wide in avoidance of all things hard to touch .

Personal footnote:   This Robin knows the pain borne from intimacy, getting close – and loss.  He also knows how difficult it can be to connect with things deep within himself.  But I get the feeling he might be contemplating step into it, stepping out and taking some risks.   That’s heroic.

Find him in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and postcard collection in the Shop.

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February 22, 2013 - I want a Recracker

Max Recracker

When the wild things contemplate eating little Max in his wolf suit, he tells them they can’t eat him because he’s a king.  “But you’re so small.”  they reply.

On the subject of small Max explains….”Small is good.  My powers are able to slip right through the cracks.”  “But what if the cracks are closed up?” say the wild things.  “Then I have a re-cracker that goes right through that.”  “But what if they have some sort of material that re-crackers can’t get through?” “Then I have a double re-cracker that can get through anything in this whole universe and that’s the end.  And there’s nothing more powerful after that – ever.  Period.”

When Max tells the wild things he can make everything right they enquire; “What about loneliness?  Will you keep out all the sadness?”  Max reassures them he has, ” a sadness shield that keeps out all the sadness.  It’s big enough for all of us.”

Footnote:  From movie, ‘Where the wild things are’ adapted from a book of the same name written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

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