Beyond Reach

beyond reach

Pictured:  Book page, ‘In My Room’.  

WARNING:  The poem below is about suicide.   The important thing to know is …. I am still here.  

Beyond Reach .

As you fail to comprehend my loss, /  I fail to comprehend any existence beyond this moment.   /  Nothing exists.  /  Nothing moves.   / A black emptiness.  /  Just muffled sounds of life in the distance.   /  I was gone from life long before my final breath.   /  A conscious act of selfishness – it was not.  /  A moment, void of logic, to end my suffering – it was.  /   A brief moment when I lost my grip.   /  As you suffer the pain of my death.    / Only then do you come close to the place in which I was lost. /   I was beyond your reach.   /  As life was beyond mine.

I was wrong.  /  My mind had the power to take my life,  / it also had the power to save it. /  I AM STILL HERE .  (Written around 2006)

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