French Lesson

please sava mona

Currently experimenting with sharing what I create on Instagram through –  Browneink .  Feel free to ‘follow’ and share with others.  Also mindful of staying connected in the real world too.  A short story I wrote some time ago …

I visited the Louvre (in Paris) a few years back, and of course, Mona.  I found myself distractedly fascinated by the behaviour of the swirl of people who’d come to see her.    More attention seemed to be given to the task of taking a ‘selfie’ with Mona, than seeing (or feeling) poor Mona herself.  I wondered what she must think of this bizarre circus of tourists before her, armed with smartphones and ‘selfie sticks’, scrambling for the perfect shot to post on Instagram and Facebook.

I didn’t see many (any in fact) simply standing quiet and still in her presence, exploring the detail and soaking in a long moment – taking her in.  Feeling her.  Contemplating her meaning.  Nothing wrong with capturing and preserving special moments like these, but I got the sense that something was also being lost.

I noticed Mona’s eyes follow me as I quietly exited to the left of the swirling crowd and imagined we were old friends, here together in the now that seemed to elude everyone else as they scrambled to tick Mona off the “I’ve been there – done that” with selfie on phone to prove it.  I think creating and embracing space and stillness is a dying art – yet they are the two things that offer us the greatest opportunity for real connection.

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