Mobile Killing Conversation

mobile killing

An Apple story .

Went into the world of Apple the other day to get a new battery for my hand-me-down Mac, which I’ve been attempting to switch over to from years using Microsoft, the screen now having a ‘virtual crack’ (really).   Keep in mind, I’m the girl who uses an old typewriter, so I’m not very computer savy.  I rang Apple and made an appointment before I came in to save a long wait (and was to later learn there is an ‘app’ I could have used to do this).  Picking up the phone is sooo old fashioned. Anyway, I arrived politely 10 minutes early and the place was jammed packed.  The new iphone had just been launched – unbeknown to this Microsoft girl.  I made my way towards the ‘genius bar’ (which, if you’re not familiar with the world of Apple, is not a place for intellectuals to buy a drink while you wait).  I was pleasantly intercepted by a girl in blue with ipad in hand who fingered the screen to find me and hand me over (through ipad) to someone in cyberspace who’d miraculously find me when they were free.

And they did!  Nearly an hour later (so the phone call didn’t pay off) but it had me looking pretty dumbfounded on my stool.   So this really nice guy invites me to the ‘bar’ and I pull up a stool.   He looks at my (much thicker than everyone elses) laptop and tells me he needs to go “down stairs to check something but will be back in about 10 minutes” and disappears through a door in a big silver wall.    He also said; “feel free to have a wander while I’m gone”.   Wander?   But how was he going to find me when he got back?   No doubt the same way he miraculously found me in the beginning but unsure of this process I chose to stay put.   Now here’s a sight for sore old eyes…there’s this guy seated beside me who’s obviously no newcomer to this process because there he was ….. reading a book – a real book (paper one).  Yes!  I wasn’t the only dinosaur in the place.  He was like this tiny, strange dot in a cone of paper silence amidst the buzz of technology.  There amidst a sea of people off in the worlds in the palm of their hands – and I couldn’t help wondering how many people got run over while doing this?  I was tempted to spin him a line at the ‘bar’ like; “you obviously come here often.”  But I couldn’t bear to burst his old fashioned bubble.  A couple of hours in Apple world was an eyeopener for sure and despite the cool Apple staff who do their job well, I felt relieved to return to my own world – the real world.  Where touch is to feel not search and scroll – and you can smell the print.