Something beautiful for you …

I like to finish the year on a song and a few ‘somethings’ (below).  I’ve chosen this song because there are alot of people who will struggle through Christmas and into the new year.  And I think Christmas is a time when we as individuals and a community can give the gift of looking beyond what we may see, perceive, think or believe about those who are different or disadvantaged.  See them as human beings, beautiful souls who are hurting, and part of the struggle is that they are often marginalised and isolated through their circumstances,  attitudes towards it, and consequently suffer in silence.  There are also many who outwardly appear okay who have their own private struggle going on.    If all you do is think on this message, be kinder to and more understanding of others (and yourself), and pass this post on, you’ll be doing a good thing.

So to you all … please stay safe, and strong, and take much care throughout the coming days and I look forward to sharing more with you in the new year.  Stay connected through Black Dog here if you need to.  And thanks to everyone who’s supported and contributed to Black Dog throughout the year.

Yours faithfully (like the Dog),


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