‘Boots’ The Clown – Out of Isolation



‘Boots’ the Clown was a worrier (underneath).  Boots worried about all the troubles right around the world.  Boots worried that it was getting harder and harder for those struggling to be heard or seen amidst the din of selling,  frenzy of buying and glare of celebrity.




‘Boots’ worried endlessly about the children.  The fires.  The trees.  The animals.  The ocean.   The air.   And that one day, everything would be lost.  All of these worries seemed impossible to do anything about.  Until, one strange day, the curtain went up.


Time stopped.  Something was in the air that changed everything.  People began to see each other again.  Help each other again.  Speak to their neighbours.  Wave to strangers.  Smile at each other through windows.  The world was warming – but this time, in a good way.




What felt impossible yesterday—now felt so much closer to possible.  And with new things to worry about, the old worries suddenly took a back seat.


But ‘Boots’ wasn’t worried that those things were being neglected.   ‘Boots’ could see that the solution to many of the old worries was on its way through the changes the world was making to solve the new worry.


And so, through the urgency and seriousness of the new worry, for the very first time, the whole world united.  Everyone was finally waking up.  A new way had to be seen.  The music could now being heard.   The crowd were singing together.  And this time, they were not so out of tune.

Not ‘The End’.

(‘Boots – Clown Girl, The World’s Greatest Act Series, March, 2020)