Dead Bird # 2

dead bird cruel people

From listening to people’s stories (particularly those who at some point in time didn’t feel they could take much more) bullying is often at the core of it.   Click on ‘Bullying’ in topics list on right to view all related posts.

See also….’You Don’t Know‘ the bigger picture around bullying.  Poem I wrote about the despair caused by the despicable acts of others called ‘World Won’t Wait‘ (from Clunk & Jam book) – and the personal necessity to mend from this.   This uplifting clip from the movie, ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘ – about a boy who escapes bullying and despair in the world of imagination.  And Max’s ‘Recracker’ tool and sadness shield. About the ‘Dead Bird Theory’ book – I’ll be posting more dead birds soon.  If all else fails, just imagine putting all the bullies into a pot and boiling ’em up.  Help beat the bullies by passing this on….