Growing Down

An excerpt from, In My Room.  (Art by Harley Manifold).

This is fun….stop being silly.    Look at me…..stop showing off.   I’m so proud of this …..don’t get too big for your boots.  I can do what I like….what will people think.  I like these clothes… can’t go out dressed like that.    I like this music….turn that crap down.    I’m tired….don’t be so lazy.    This feels good…..don’t be so selfish.  I did really well… can do better than that.    I know what I want…..don’t be so fussy.   I can try again….you always stuff up.    I’m really good at this……who the hell do you think you are.      Can I have some more…..don’t be such a pig.   I feel sad…..Don’t cry – stop your nonsense.   That hurts….don’t be such a sook.   When I grow up ….you’ll never amount to anything.

The back of the book has the reverse language….I’m worthy regardless of what I achieve.  I can admit I’m scared.  It’s okay to show my feelings.  Everyone goes through tough times.  I’m confident.  I learn from my mistakes – keep trying.  I know what I want.  I can take time out.  I’m happy with the choices I make.  So what – I’ll give it a go anyway.  I can wear whatever I like.   I don’t have to prove myself.  I can be confident and proud of what I do.  I’m just having fun.  Pass it on and help spread a different language…..

See also ‘Wisdoms of Rose’.  Rose’s stories read like a dream school report.  Rose would like to encourage teachers and parents to adopt her language so kids grow up feeling a whole lot better about themselves. This isn’t a criticism by Rose.  She understands that sometimes we just don’t know any different, so we keep saying the same things without stopping and questioning their affect.  Change is a conscious act.  We all have the capacity for it.