Stay True to Beautiful


A bit of a personal anthem I’ve been piping through my head lately, because ….  One of the hardest things to feel is ‘beautiful’ when you’ve been abused or violated in some way.  But as corny as it sounds, finding it within yourself, creating your own world, and filling it with good stuff, beautiful things, is the one thing you can do.  What’s helped me move from self harm and loathing towards a place beyond that – is finding beauty in my life (as back and forth as this process can be).   Allowing it in.  And staying true to who I am – flaws and all.  Beauty is not perfection.  Previous posts you might like to visit are … ‘A Stitch in 9’ (movie by Tim Burton;  ‘The Bird Room’ (about the value of counselling);  ‘On The Mend’, (going from self harm to ?);  ‘Eminem’s call to mend’