October 9, 2019 - Flipper Girl – To The Rescue No More

army of ink life guard girl 2

As the catch of responsibility drifted out of the saving, there was little left for Flipper Girl to do except wonder beyond the fishbowl of seriously fogged goggles.

Some thoughts on this one ….

Flipper Girl arrived in 2015.   Taking responsibility for others, or when others don’t take responsibility for what they’ve done, can be like being weighed down with an anchor.  Until someone like Flipper Girl taps you on the shoulder and says;  “Hey, it’s not your fault.”  And takes you on a trip to a new place….

I think Flipper Girl’s clumsy flippers also suggest a slowing down.  A resistance to the exhausting practice of going to the rescue of others.  Pleasing others.   And in the process, not taking care of herself.  Not that she’s stopped being kind and caring about others.  She’s just giving some of that care and kindness to herself.

(Flipper Girl Series appears in Clunk & Jam book, 2019).

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September 8, 2019 - Army of Ink Smacked Bottom


Even a smacked bottom deserves a seat .

We all start out worthy little humans. Deserving of love and care – and our own special seat. But sometimes things go wrong. Don’t go to plan. You make mistakes. Maybe you don’t turn out like you thought you would. Or how others thought you would. Sometimes other people treat you badly. And it’s catchy because you end up treating yourself badly too. 

And then this little girl taps you gently on the shoulder and sits you back down in your goodness. And with this kind gesture, you are reminded of the worthy little human you started out as. And so you put the brakes on all the punishing , beating yourself up business. And reintroduce that little human to the love and care that is, and always has been, most definitely deserved.

(Clunk & Jam book 2019).

August 28, 2019 - Army of Ink Tired of Nice

Army of ink tired of being nice

She grew tired of being so nice.

When you’re a nice person who is caring and kind and considerate of other people’s feelings. Generous with your time and heart.  It’s quite a blow when you come into contact with people who aren’t nice.  People who think only of themselves.  They’re rude and bad mannered.  Thoughtless and ungrateful. Sometimes cruel and hurtful. Careless with their words – and the feelings of others. It can knock you flat. Leave you sick in the belly and wobbly in lip.

But then you get back up and learn to be a bit more economical with your niceness. Careful about the amount of good energy you give to certain people and ensure it goes where it can do the most good. And when you feel how bad the opposite to nice feels, you realise just how important it is in the world.

(Clunk & Jam book 2019).

April 23, 2019 - Strength In Wild Imagination

Small is Good.

When the wild things contemplate eating Max, he tells them they can’t eat him because he’s a King.  “But you’re so small.”  They reply.  “Small is good.”  Explains Max.  “My powers are able to slip right through the cracks.”  “But what if the cracks are closed up?”  Ask the wild things. 

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January 5, 2019 - Growing Up With Social Media

February 7, 2017 - When I Grow Up

Written for the musical ‘Matilda’.

“I am not what happened to me,                                                                                                                                                            I am what I choose to become.”  Carl Jung.

And imagine if teachers wrote school reports that rang with the positivity of Rose’s stories.  Another:  ‘Growing Down’.