September 14, 2019 - Thumbs Up To Nice Guys

Imagine a world that encouraged and valued nice guys…..Check out The Black Dog Story about difference.  And think about this and this.  Pass it on to all the nice guys (and gals) you know  ….

November 27, 2017 - Progress ?

leunig the black dog project

Interesting read… “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Nation“, an Article by American Psychologist and researcher Jean M Twenge.  (Image from Leunig’s new book, Ducks for Dark Times).

Previous posts on topic… Social Media Addiction.  Virtual Cake Shop (is internet connecting or disconnecting us?).  Mobile Killing Conversation (Apple fans might not like this).   People Who Hurt (be armed by knowing about narcissists).  Paper is Dead.

April 18, 2015 - Critical Thinking

black dog

Why didn’t the Black Dog cross the road?                                                                                                       Because he wanted to wonder a while at the masses marching in blind faith.

Why didn’t the Black Dog cross the road?                                                                                                             Because green’s not always right – and red’s not always wrong.

Why didn’t the Black Dog cross the road?                                                                                                                     Because he wasn’t ready to go yet.

Think about it…

Find in Clunk & Jam book.

April 6, 2015 - Army of Ink Little Star

army of ink twinkle twinkle

Little Star .

When the lights go out I cannot see, but when I sit alone in the dark with the glow of real stars above, the warmth of the distance soothes the longing to be close.  Now, when I go out into the woods at night, it’s not a star that will grant me my wish -it will be my own candle glowing in the dark.

Footnote:   This little soldier is from the Rock The Boat book.  Which is what often happens when you endeavor to make personal change.  Or when you tell the truth. It ‘rocks the boat’.  The small, feathery space where she sits calmly with a single lit candle might suggest a quiet, personal vigil.   One that reminds her to value herself and the small space and life she’s so painstakingly created.  A space that keeps her protected from harm – her world snugly contained.  Allows her to control when the ‘lights go out’ rather than the onset of darkness being manipulated by those around her.

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February 8, 2015 - Someone To Look Up To

Enter the website and world of the Giant’s French creators, Royal de Luxe.


girl giant

Once upon a time in a desert in the west, a Little Girl Giant fell from the sky into one of those communities in love with the stars, the earth, the trees, the water …(Story commemorating the ANZAC centenary).  See 2012’s beautiful feathery opening of the Perth Arts Festival here, along with a feathery story about the damage of gossip.  And instead of gossip, do something good and pass this beautiful post on…

October 5, 2014 - Flashes of Madness

Watch and wonder why anxiety and depression are reaching ‘epidemic’ proportions.  Maybe it’s not so much our minds being in a state of ‘disorder’ – but the disorder our minds are being subjected to?  Pass it on, it’s a savior of a thought worth planting in the minds of others…See similar posts…..’Must Watch‘; ‘Buy Into It Or Not’; ‘Less Is More‘; ‘Real & Ideal?‘.