A Good Black Dog Story

black dog story

The Black Dog Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was bitten by a black dog, so she believed black dogs were bad – they hurt you.

Once upon another time there was a different little girl who had a black dog as a pet so she believed black dogs were really nice.

One day when the little girls were older and walking down the street together, a black dog appeared.  The little girl who’d been bitten by the black dog thought; “Oh no!  A black dog!”  She felt scared and ran for her life.  The other little girl who had a black dog as a pet thought;  “Fantastic!  A black dog!”  She felt excited and ran ahead to give the dog a pat.  This was exactly the same situation but both little girls thought, felt and reacted completely differently.  Why?

The little girl’s had different past experiences with black dogs, so they’d formed different beliefs which affected the way they thought, felt and reacted to black dogs long after the experience was over.

Moral of the story?  We do have choices.  Although we can’t change what’s happened in the past, we can seek to understand how those experiences influence our lives now.  Choose whether or not we continue to be controlled by those experiences.  Choose to challenge our beliefs and thoughts and by doing so, change the way we feel and react and…live reasonably happy ever after.

Pass it on because….you never know who might feel they don’t have a choice right now.

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