Bird Room

bird room


Had a session ‘on the couch’ recently.   As I flopped exhausted into it he asked me two questions …. “What do you need?”    “And what’s stopping you?”  Answer?   Time and me.   Simple but enormously challenging.   When you’ve spent most of your life feeling a gaping sense of worthlessness, mending is one of the hardest of tasks – particularly making time for it. 

One of the vital steps towards mending is to recognise the harm you do to yourself.   Whether it’s the mental ‘beatings’ you give yourself, the good things you deny yourself.  The time you don’t make for yourself.    One of the most valuable things I do for myself is to make time for regular sessions on the couch – therapy/counselling.  Even when I’m feeling ‘on top of things’ it’s good to have someone help you acknowledge the good your doing for yourself.  And remind you that looking after yourself is not the same as selfishness by the way.  Sketch found in Shaun Tann’s book, ‘The Bird King and Other Sketches’.