Free Yourself

Just out, the movie Birdman is well worth a watch – or two.  It’s different, but it’s a great observation of a culture obsessed with super stardom, celebrity and fame, and how high personal ideals and sense of self importance can drive us to the edge.

Makes you wonder…. What if someone tapped you on the shoulder and said; “YOU’VE MADE IT.”  You no longer had to strive and agonise your way to being something MORE.  Being good enough.  Successful enough.  And what if you didn’t wait for someone else to tap you on the shoulder.  What if you started, now, today, tapping yourself on the shoulder every day and saying….

‘You’ve Made It.’ . . .  ‘I’VE  MADE IT!’

But I don’t believe there is some point in our life that we reach, where everything comes together – we arrive at our destination. Seems a bit limiting.  I think we have to keep reaching and moving beyond where we are, not in a driven kind of Birdman way, just to keep wondering about the great beyond?  Keep pushing elephants up the stairs – keep flowers in full bloom.  (From a great REM song).   Keep ‘making it’ through every day…