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Redesign Your Brain .

“Whether you’re scared of heights, public speaking or failure, you can face that and overcome it. It never goes away. The clarification is that brave people are not without fear, they just deal with it differently – it’s the fear that makes them brave,” Todd Sampson (Gruen Transfer) tells AFR Weekend.  Redesign My Brain 2 with Todd Sampson will premiere this Thursday, May 28, at 8.30pm on ABC TV. Read full article about the show at Australian Financial Review here.smartphone

Todd On Smartphones …. “Our lack of attention is being exacerbated by smartphones – a trend he sees with his two young daughters – or as Sampson calls the devices, ‘our substitute brains’.  The numbers are saying that with technology our IQs have gone up but our EQs [emotional intelligence] have gone down, so we are doing better on these tests because we have more information at our fingertips but our ability to relate is dropping because we have more virtual friends than real friends,” he says.

Todd On Creative Thinking …. “One of the defining factors of creative people is the ability to switch perspectives.  As we age, we become functionally fixed, we narrow our perspectives and actions. Really good creative people have the ability to switch. If you follow the same people on Twitter and subscribe to the same magazines, then your perspective stays the same because you’re pretty much getting self-selected information.”

Todd previously featured on Black Dog talking about ‘World Proofing Our Children’.  And in the show you’ll see Todd take some impossible steps like the Frenchman between the Twin Tower buildings here.  A previous post about the danger of labeling people as in picture above here.   Pass it on …