Don’t call me bird brain

twitter 2

Found this pic about the word ‘twitter’ (not the ‘what I am doing right now’ kind).  Speaks to my own headspace – the constant chatter (the can’t hear myself above the noise type).  Although quite normal, it can be amplified when you add other conditions of the mind into the hat or head (like anxiety, OCD, PTSD etc) –  it becomes more like walking into a bar (the pub type).   For those who don’t know what it’s like to have a ‘condition’ of the mind, please know, that if I appear not quite there; muddled; away with the birds; forgetful; distant; lost; spaced out; disorganised; detached; restless; tuned out; ignorant; off the planet; can’t recall your name (or what you just said); appear thick or dumb or just plain weird … I’ve just got some competition for your attention right now.

Anxiety + O2 (oxygen) = Excitement.  And yes,  anxiety and excitement can and do get mixed up.  Next time you feel anxious, check out the mix.  Listen to the voices in your head – recognise who’s at the bar (pub type again).   It might help make sense of how you’re feeling at the time – and you can then challenge it with some well aimed back chatting.   (Pic from book ‘L is for Lollygag – Quirky Words for Clever Tongues’.)