Girl Disappearing

“My self destructive side, had grown a mile wide.”

Saw this movie (documentary) recently about Amy Winehouse.  The heart could not help sink as you watch this brilliant, sure footed, upright, gutsy young women disintegrate.  I was left with one question—where were all the good men?  Where were all the ‘good men’ within her management who said ‘No’ to her exploitation.  ‘No’ to the fans who wanted more when she had all but a thread of Amy left.  Said ‘No’ to the touring she was physically and mentally unfit to do.  Where were the good men in her band and in the audience who said ‘No, this is not right’ and saved her from the humiliation of being plopped on stage only to crumble, unable to perform before adoring fans who perhaps also should have said ‘No’.  Where were the good men among the paparazzi who said, ‘No. We can’t continue to hunt her down like a pack of wild animals.’  Where were the good men (and women) who refused to buy the magazines that kept the paparazzi feeding on her.  If we don’t learn something from this, and it doesn’t inspire us to question and challenge popular culture and our part in it, then we’ll continue to lose more Amy’s.  If only she could have been given the space, time and encouragement by those around her to find peace in life – and mend from all that fuelled her self destructive side.

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