In need of a shrink


We’re never as alone as we think and this movie ‘Shrink’ attests to that.   It’s full of people normally flawed and in the process of self destructing and therein lies the potential for repair.  The movie delivers a refreshingly honest look at the dark realms of society (and mind) which is potentially confronting as I found myself relating so closely to the screen.   It essentially delivers a moving message around taking responsibility when ‘shit happens’ with some insight into the effects of suicide (not answers) – if you can see you way through the pot smoke.   Don’t watch it if you’re feeling really down – it’s pretty full on… hopeful, but full on.  And if pain persists?   See a shrink or find a good listening friend.  It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you – it’s just someone to talk things through when things aren’t going so right.