Losing Your Breath

lady at window

Happy Breathday .

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, it can feel a bit like this – like you can’t get enough air IN.  So your focus turns to getting as much IN as possible. Then we lose focus on the breath OUT.  The outward breath is important too because it releases the carbon dioxide, which when held in, can make us feel dizzy and sick.  Then we gasp inwards even more and so the cycle goes….

This simple exercise can help …

Imagine you’re going to blow out a candle on your birthday cake – just one candle so you don’t breath in too deep. Then slowly release the air out through candle blowing lips.  This pretending we’re blowing out a candle ensure we give some good focus to the outward breath – and expelling all the dizzy gas.

Exercise can also help us with breath control but the trouble is, it also mimics the symptoms of anxiety so this old article may help shed some light on this for you….. Exercise the Black Dog.  Or do like Amelia Bloom does below …. dream the sea breeze follows you everywhere….

amelia sea breeze