Moby checks in

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Ever checked into a hotel for a night on your own just to give yourself some space … do sweet nothing?    I find it’s good therapy.  TIP:  Take a little esky with some goodies and steer clear of the bar fridge!    Moby, talks about hotel rooms on his album – hotel (funny that).  “Hotels facinate me in that they’re incredibly intimate spaces that are scoured every 24 hours and made to look completely anonymous.  People sleep in hotel rooms and cry in hotel rooms and bathe in hotel rooms and have sex in hotel rooms …and start relationships in hotel rooms and end relationships in hotel rooms etc and etc   Something about this idea, that intimate spaces are wiped clean every 24 hours facinates me.   That we enter a hotel room and it becomes our biological home for a while and then we leave.  In some ways it’s similar to the human condition. 

We exist and we strive and we love and we cry and we laugh and we run around and we sleep and we build things and we have sex and then we die and, not to sound too depressing, the world is wiped clean of our biological presence.  Which, from my perspective, makes our brief biological time here all the more precious due to it’s relative brevity.”     Good album too.