On The Mend

rose mending business

This story below initiated Black Dog’s focus on mending in recent times.    The links  below trace that path and I urge you to pass this on.  The story  …

I met a man at a conference in 2009 who gave a talk on self harm.  I approached him after the talk – shook his hand and thanked him.  For what?  For talking with such great sensitivity, compassion, respect and genuine enquiry about those who do, or have, self harmed – count me in here.  Then he stumped me with a question.  “How did you stop?” … It hit me I hadn’t.  It is a question I now believe must be asked, for unless we seek to understand it from this view point, we’d simply be patching a crack in society, not supporting an individual, a human being experiencing great suffering.  And it makes sense that we seek to cast a line of strength out into the community through a greater understanding  and insight gained by listening and asking those who have personal experience here.   I was grateful for this moment of truth because it was the catalyst for my determination to mend – fully, truthfully.  To get some help.  Although I’d stopped extreme forms of self harm, the question pulled into my consciousness the residual remains of this life time habit.  It prompted me to raise this in my sessions on the couch – setting in motion a new path forward – out of harm’s way (and to steer Black Dog down that path too).  The man?  Professor Graham Martin who is the Director of the Centre of Suicide Prevention.  Graham also introduced me to haiku poetry and wrote a couple about Black Dog.  Other mending articles … Group Mend, Eminem, Army of Ink # 30 Stitch in Time, Comes and goes, Hold On, Lost in Space, Army of Ink # 45.

Pictured is Rose from the Wisdoms of Rose collection who is good in the mending business.