Remember Not

kill past

Watched a program last night, Insight on dealing with memories and post traumatic stress disorder.  If you’re familiar with this struggle or know someone who is, you might find this really helpful.  It does raise issues of wartime experiences, traumatic accidents and sexual abuse so be mindful of this and what it might raise for you.  Click on the above link to watch the program. See previous posts/poems about my personal experience of PTSD….. ‘The Drop‘; ‘Hands Up The Sleepless‘; ‘Comes and Goes’; ‘Gone to The Dark’; ‘Hold On’.  Pass it on because you never know who’s having a private struggle they can’t bare the pain of sharing….

Image source:  New Philosopher Magazine, Illustrator, INJ Culbard, Adaptor, Ian Edginton – adaption of Oscar Wilde’s, The Picture of Dorian Gray.