Stain BOy

stain boy

Meet Tim Burton’s Stain Boy.   Also think he makes his mark as a Super Hero – the notion of which I’ve been exploring and questioning for a while now.  Found these words on the weekend …. “Our highest human need is to be a hero and that in the pursuit of fulfillment we all seek to pursue a heroic life.   Not a famous or glorious heroism so much as a personal, even anonymous, heroism.”  Marcus Padley.  And …

George Sheehan said, “When we  cease to be heroic, we no longer truly exist.  Heroism is ever available to each of us.  Through ordinary experiences, the ordinary person can become extraordinary.  Life boils down to finding the best means of expressing heroism; each of us needs to find our own personal arena, our true talent, our gift, our vocation.  We all must be heroic, but in our own way.”