Allure of ink

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(Words from Artlink).

“There is a deep longing in mankind to ‘feel’, and that’s something a screen can’t (yet) provide ….

Printing however, takes money, distribution needs, connections.  When people want or need to share their ideas without the necessary money and connections, you get underground publishing, and ingenious methods of print production and distribution.”   Article ‘The Allure of Ink’, written by Caren Florance

On the topic of ‘zines’  (independent/underground print/press) …

Vanessa Berry writes … “Before I discovered zines, I had felt lonely and violated by the views of mass media, which seemed so far from my own.  I made my zine to create an alternative take on the world, from my perspective, and to connect with other people with similar ideas …. As often as I tell myself, the internet does not replace real life, and I believe that zines can be considered a reaction against the relocation of experience to the virtual realm … the obvious difference is that a zine is a finite object.  You open it and go inside.  The experience of being contained inside this world is the opposite of the endlessness and ubiquity of the digital world.  While elements of zine culture have made it online, in terms of documentation and networking, the objects themselves remain the focus, and nothing online exists to replace them and the experience of reading them.”  Here, here!