Hey YOU !

BLOG kind child

If someone were to ask …. ‘what could I do that might make a difference  to how a young person felt?   I’d probably say something like – try this … next time you’re out and about and you see a young person who may be dressed weird.  May act strange.   Be a bit of a rough sort.   Have an attitude.  Is in need of a good scrub.  Or should be at school.   Not hanging around making a nuisance of themselves ...   STOP!    That’s where change starts.  What if you reserved judgement and acknowledged their presence with a warm look, a nod, a ‘how ya goin”?    Scary thought?   What’s to be feared?   The young person?  Or running the risk of making an idiot of yourself maybe?   So let’s imagine … if tomorrow, kindness reigned high above fear?   Would it cost you anything to indulge?  Would you stand to lose anything?  I suppose you could run the risk of being viewed as weird – but then that would make two of you.   Which might help you both feel less alone in this crazy world?   And let’s say you received no obvious outward sign of appreciation for your risk taking kindness – could you still be kind?   Would you be kind again tomorrow?

Pic from favourite book ‘A revolution of Kindness’ by Anita Roddick