K-K-K-K- Kindness

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“Let’s help our children develop the habit of freedom, and encourage them to celebrate who and what they are.  Let’s stop teaching children to fear change and to protect the status quo.  Let’s teach them to inquire and debate, to ask questions until they hear answers.”

She goes on to talk about our education ‘system’ not it’s overworked and underpaid teachers I might add  …   “Our education system does its best to ignore and suppress the creative spirit of children.  It teaches them to listen unquestioningly to authority.  It insists that education is just stockpiling knowledge, and that the purpose of education is to get a job.  What’s left out is sensitivity to others, non violent behavior, respect, intuition, imagination and sense of awe and wonderment.”     Anita Roddick, Activist and Founder of The Body Shop – image from her book ‘Revolution of kindness’.