Rice Is Nice

damien rice 2

damien rice


Long live the CD.

Sometimes when you’re not feeling so good, it’s easier just to stay roomed in at home.  Or you could take a risk, go out and possibly be met by a ‘feel good’ experience and someone nice …..Went to JB Hifi for a dose of music in the form of some new CD’s and found Damien Rice’s package of smooth vibes and beautiful artwork within a ‘nice to hold’ cardboard sleeve.  But it wasn’t just the physical process of flicking through the CD’s that provided the feel good experience, it was also the guy who worked there who, on taking interest in the small collection in my hand, enthusiastically strode off to bring back a favorite of his own that he thought closely matched my choices.  And so we talked a bit about the music (and the covers) and …. well, it made my day.  The digital age (and hunkering down at home to escape the world) puts us at risk of losing these simple, meaningful and excitingly intimate connections – unless we keep resisting, continue buying the real thing and engaging with the real world.  More feel good with previous posts, ‘Canned Kindness’; ‘Full Stop’; ‘Hey you’;  ‘Pay It Forward’.