Stuck is Ok

What a voice – the whole album is spot on (thanks Ash for this one).    I like the film clip because it goes against the world we live (rush around) in.  One that pushes productivity and a constant state of achieving and doing.  It doesn’t so much value stillness and times when we are ‘stuck’ and not going anywhere.  When we have down times and go ‘off grid’ for a while.  I think these times are  productive too and when we allow ourselves to stop and sit still in our own space, that’s often when the deep insights into ourselves and possibilities for paths ahead often arrive.  And because we’ve stopped for a while, we’re refuelled and in a better state to get up and going again.  Nothing’s ever wasted.  For a dose of reassurance in those down times, listen to this Rose.  And London Grammar girl’s voice sounds like a little Birdy featured previously here.