Hurt and Hurting

Hurt and hurting

I was listening to some young people talk about their experience of self harm (and recovery) on the ABC.  They were brave and honest and one girl’s honesty revealed that sometimes she cut so that she had a photo to put on her Facebook.  We should (as this young woman is now advocating), be supporting and encouraging recovery from this horrible pain battle and the great shame felt by those who don’t share or wear it publicly but hurt secretly – and wish they could stop.  PLEASE DON’T POST PICTURES OF SELF HARM.

I met a man some years ago who specialises in suicide prevention and recovery from self injury – Professor Graham Martin.  He  recently sent me a link to his website which has freely available resources for both those struggling with self-harm and friends and family/community members supporting them – or wanting to understand more.  To go direct to a PDF Guide (from Graham’s website) for young people on ‘Solutions for Self-Injury’  click here.   A Guide for Parents here.  See story of meeting Graham and the mending focus it initiated on Black Dog here.  Please pass it on, you never know who’s hurting out there…..

Art, ‘The Daughters of Edward Darley Bait’ by John Singer srgent, 1882 (original in colour).  Source:  Laphams Quarterly, Winter 2012.