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Clunk & Jam and Wisdoms of Rose pocketbook are available in Perth, Western Australia at ... New Edition Bookshop, Fremantle. Lane Bookshop, Claremont.  Crow Bookshop, Victoria Park.  Planet Bookshop, Northbridge and Mount Lawley.  Subiaco Bookshop, Rokeby Road, Subiaco.  Collins Booksellers, Cottesloe.  The Well Bookshop, Applecross.  Beaufort Street Books, Mount Lawley.  Fremantle Art Centre FOUNDDiabolik Books and Records, Mt Hawthorn.   Rabble Books and Games, Maylands.   Mill Point Caffe Bookshop, South Perth.  Mill Point Caffe Book Shop, South Perth.  Paper Bird Books, Fremantle.   Available on-line from Browne Ink Studio.

Collectively, the books share the common and interrelating themes of self exploration and the acceptance of differencefinding a sense of place; the role of  imaginary friends and super heroes in our lives to alleviate loneliness and isolation – provide strength and direction.  

Clunk & Jam

clunk and jam book

Clunk & Jam is a beautifully crafted book containing a collection of art, poetry and stories around the valuing and acceptance of difference.   Creating a strong sense of self and place.    The book has been typed on an old typewriter;  locally crafted and independently published; printed using soy based ink on recycled paper that goes by the name of ‘Stephen’.  Cover art is kindly contributed by Stormie Mills and Harley Manifold has also kindly contributed artwork within.

clunk and jam book pages

Below is a limited edition loose leaf edition.

clunk and jam handmade book

clunk and jam handmade paper


Rock The Boat

rock the boat book

Rock The Boat is a sweet delight.   Not only in its content but in its handmade form and the story of its making.  As each of the 23 Army of Ink characters and their stories arrived on my page, I’d take them to a special young friend of mine, Maggie-May, who would lovingly hand write the stories with handwriting, not fit for school they said, but a perfect fit for the Army of Ink.   The Army of Ink characters throughout raise a firm salute to truth, defiance against all things unsavory, the worshiping of the ‘self’ and the tricky process of change.

rock the boat peg drying

rock the boat book making


In My Room


In My Room is a collection of art, poems and writing that trace my experience of growing up … of exploring who I am  … and finding a place in a world I never felt I fitted into.   Then Harley Manifold a Victorian Artist, approached me about designing and contributing art to the book and so … eight years of writing and three years of design later …. In My Room hatched.   Check out the book pages and concept hereBook launch photosthe invite .

I do caution that this book is dark.  And some of the topics are confronting (eg sexual and physical abuse).  But it is my truth.  I tell it without shame.   Transform it, as I do myself, through writing and art and share that process honestly and openly through the book.  It’s a sensitive book which has been close held by those who relate in some way to parts of the story.  These parts have been separated and contained within different visual themes created by Harley using a mix of his art, photography and design – enabling the reader to experience and process a part of the story at a time.  Book reviews.  Sample pages….

in my room pages


Robin Small Postcard Collection

robin small postcard collection

The collection comes with 6 handcrafted cards, made from acid free soft touch paper pulled from an art journal, folded and sealed then tucked into a recycled paper pouch, sewn closed (threadless) and date stamped on the day of their making.  Small stories on the flipside are typed on an old typewriter.

robin cards pegged

About Robin…

Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is not so much the crusading sort but more an outsider who is simply herioc in his own time.  He stands apprehensive within the modern world but is wise and brave within his own life and journey.  Robin cards display well on a line of string (see pictured), or in frames or on walls to surround yourself with his constant peacemaking presence. (View entire series in BLOG here).
robin cards spread

Tales of Robin Small Handmade Book

Robin small book

This 18 page book is home to the six Robin Small characters and has been handcrafted using soft, thick cream paper gently pulled from a thread bound art journal which creates a raw, ragged edge to the pages.  Each page is then folded and glued to create its unique and curious layered spine.

 robin small page edges

Wisdoms of Rose Handmade Book

wisdoms of rose book

To have and to hold Rose in this little book is to feel calm, confident, carefree and completely at home.  You’ll find within, 17 Roses that arrived on my page early 2013 – now residing in this lovingly handmade book, with its soft to touch paper torn from an art journal which creates the beautiful raw edged pages, the paper bundle spine.

rose book spine


The stories within, which read like a dream school report with a quirky twist, have been typed on my old typewriter.  I hope you’ll find a treasure trove of wisdom and security within its art-filled pages. Makes a well-deserved gift for yourself or someone very special.


rose page edges 3

A pleasant warning:  In reading this book, varying amounts of Roselike attitude may rub off which could initiate an astounding new wave of self confidence, a general feeling of peaceful content – and a delightfully blissful state of oblivion.

Meet and read the wisdoms of all the Roses in the BLOG here.


Wisdoms of Rose Postcard Collection

wisdoms of rose card collection

Alternatively to the book, are the individual cards which you can display, frame, peg along a string, or send to friends….the stories are on the reverse side of the card.



The Dead Bird Theory Handmade Book

dead bird theory

This quirky 34 page book is a black comedy about dealing with shitty people who do shitty things.  Some are small shitty things like not saying ‘thank you’.  Some are big shitty things that I don’t care to mention.  And you end up feeling… know the story.   But….’The End’ of this book brings ‘The End’ of feeling shitty.

dead bird theory pages

dead bird theory pages 2

The book has been written and illustrated using gauche paint.  It’s handmade using  paper from seconds copies of  ‘Clunk and Jam’.  Each of the book pages are folded and pile glued with the spine revealing dashes and slithers of the text and art in ‘Clunk & Jam’.   The result is that no two spines are the same – so you have something completely original in hand.

dead bird theory spine

You’ll also find a date stamp within, archiving the day it came to life – or should that be death?  (NB:  No birds were killed in the making of this book).



21 Postcards


The postcard collection contains a set of 21 Army of Ink girls, each one offering clarifying insight into some tricky feelings and situations.  The postcard collection comes with a black wrist band to wear as a symbol of giving generously to your SELF (which is not the same as selfishness by the way). They’re making empowering connections with those who offer them a home or a place in their bag – under their pillow – between the pages of a book – framed on the wall. Like the most interesting people I know, they have multiple layers – and spark really interesting conversations. One sweet person sent a postcard each week to a friend, so for 21 weeks they received something special in the letter box.

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