June 14, 2020 - Amelia Bloom – Home & Peace Maker



Amelia Bloom dreamed … she could divide the world up evenly so everyone had a place – and noone ever went without. 

Footnote:  This Amelia Bloom message arrived in response to homelessness and all people who are marginalised and made to suffer for their difference.  And her dream goes beyond a physical place, a home, for all.  She dreams all human beings get to experience a sense of connectedness and belonging.  To feel and be – safe.

June 13, 2020 - Amelia Bloom – Dreamer By Trade



Amelia Bloom understands how broken everything is, yet she remains invested in her dreaming, not only for herself, but for everyone else.

Amelia Bloom’s French flavoured imagination paints a beautiful picture of a world full of hope and peace.  She gently reminds us of the magic of dreaming and its ability to create a better world – both real, and imagined.



amelia bloom worry bank 4

Amelia Bloom dreamed every street corner had a worry bank so everyone felt safe.




amelia bloom cloud 1

amelia bloom cloud 2

Amelia Bloom dreamed flowers grew in clouds and their petals flew to all the dark corners of the world.

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October 30, 2019 - Amelia & Robin At Planet



Thanks again to Planet Books for the wall space at the rear of the bookshop for Robin and Amelia.




November 5, 2016 - Army of ink Tardis


DIARIES phonebox

It’s Coming From The Phone Box – Can Someone Else Get That Please.  

Footnote:  For those days when you don’t want to fight anything – or save anything.   There are so many things going wrong around the world and it’s natural to worry alot.  But it’s also okay to kick off the boots, and gloves and hang up the cape and take time to restore.  Or dream sweet dreams …..


Amelia Bloom dreamed … every street corner had a worry bank so everyone felt safe.


(‘Tardis’ reposted from 2009.  Both appear in Clunk & Jam book, 2019)