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October 21, 2014 - Introducing Robin Small

robin cards pegged

Introducing Robin Small . ( Handmade book or card collection)

His future lay unbound….Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is not the crusading sort, he’s more of an outsider who is simply heroic in his own time. He is apprehensive in nature and within the modern world, yet stands firmly in his vulnerability. He is wise and brave in his own life and journey – and the steps he takes towards a future of his own making. Search Robin Small to view the entire series in the BLOG.  Find in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and card collection in Shop.

Robin small book

October 20, 2014 - Robin Small Not So Handy

robin small hands

Robin Small was unbearably awkward in pubic and so began the battle of – what to do with hands .

Footnote:  This Robin was the first to arrive on my page.  He emerged from a time of great apprehension and hesitation around the prospect of creating change;  the necessity I felt to move into a different space;  the fear I had of failure and unknown spaces – and the overwhelming largeness of the world around me.   It was nice to have Robin’s gentle company in such a time.  He helped me sit still and work things out.

July 25, 2013 - Robin Small Answers

robin small answers

Robin Small struggled to find what seemed so forever elusive – the answer .

Personal footnote:  I think this Robin holds the flag for the sense of wonder and mystery that was more afforded in years gone by than in our world today.  How great to be able to openly embrace the unknown rather than struggle with it – as Robin seems to be doing here.  Meet the previous Robins in the series here.

Find him in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and postcard collection in Shop.

July 3, 2013 - Robin Small Wells

robin small wells

As choices lay before him, Robin whirled in the – “Well, well, well.”

Personal footnote:  I get the sense from this Robin of great uncertainty – and a lurking fear around being caught.  He feels moved to try, to make an attempt to move but it feels like there’s a big finger waiting to be wagged in disapproval – to point out he is wrong. I think he’ll need to make many trips to the edge of this fear until he feels confident enough to take the plunge.

Find him in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and post collection in Shop.

May 3, 2013 - Robin Small Rocks

robin small rocks


Robin small felt the turmoil on indecision in the balls of his feet as he rocked to – Will I?  Won’t I?

Personal footnote:  Sometimes there are no answers – it’s just a matter of trust.  Sitting it out for a while – or taking a leap?    The Crossing post is another on the back and forth thing.  And The Journey … sometimes we can get in our own way…

Find him in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and postcard collection in the Shop.

April 10, 2013 - Robin Small Held Tight

robin small bow

Held tight by a constant hesitation, Robin’s world remained unchanged – as did he.

Personal footnote:   This Robin is a quietly brave lad who, like us all, has undisclosed doubts and fears, but has a quiet determination to make his way through these.  To explore and make his own discoveries – about himself, about the world around him which he feels such great apprehension about.   He also seems refreshingly comfortable in his own vulnerability – perhaps why he’s armed with bow but not with arrow?  And he’s a carrier of great strength I think.  Pass him on…..

Find him in ‘Tales of Robin Small’ book and postcard collection in the Shop.