December 12, 2023 - Street Art Stories

Stories are at the center of everything.  The most powerful and potentially debilitating being the ones inside our head.  The stories we tell ourselves.  The erosive stories we’ve been told.  Stories formed from our experiences.  That’s why it’s so vital we have access to and seek out alternative stories that give us strength and hope.  Help us realise our full potential.  Particularly our children and young people.


Not in a ‘Be wealthy and successful and famous’ way.  But to be kind enough to ourselves that we can then go out into the world more securely and do good.  Be a thriving, kind, compassionate and caring human being.  But that starts from within.

The Army of Ink and all the characters  are the carriers of stories full of strength, hope and possibility.  They pitch an alternative to what we’re being told (and sold) through social media and popular culture.


They put a caring arm around our shoulder and keep us safe and strong.  Encourage us to think and question what makes us who we are.  Help us take back some control over our sense of self.  Our lives.  Our world.  And our future …

Find The Army of Ink including Robin Small, Amelia Bloom and Rose and Boots and their stories across five parks in Melville.  See Melville Storylines for information.  Instagram @browneink.

November 10, 2023 - King of Kindness


Max Recracker


Kindness makes a difference … and you may not receive anything in return for your kindness – but don’t let that stop you being kind.  We all know how good it feels when we experience kindness.  And how on a bad day, it can turn things around. Revive our faith in the world.  And it’s not always obvious who’s struggling.  And if you are, coming up against someone who is being unkind can feel like the last straw.  And that straw isn’t always outwardly visible.  So it’s just safer for everyone if we all just be kinder.


(Clunk & Jam Second Edition, 2019.  Reposted from January, 2022)

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October 28, 2023 - Army of Ink Ride In A Pumpkin


army of ink ride in pumpkin


Sometimes I Wish I Wasn’t Me .

This little soldier finally realised that being the fairest isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and looking up to stars can be dangerous – especially when they fall.  And that ‘way up high’, ‘over the rainbow’ and ‘climbing the ladder’ are sometimes dangerous places to try and reach.  And too far away to possibly get there on time.

Footnote:   It’s such a competitive world.  There’s a strong current drawing us up, up and away from who we are – or are comfortable and content being.  Acceptance, popularity, success and fitting in, can feel so out of reach.  It can feel impossible to meet the expectations of others.   Until the question arises –  what and who determines our worth?  It’s also wise to question the notion that a sense of belonging exists somewhere outside ourselves.  And that bigger and the better and more determines if we are –  ‘enough’.   It’s potentially a hothouse for discontent.  Home?  Home can be a building, a place,  but it can also be a secure feeling within yourself. 

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October 12, 2023 - Robin Small Walks


Robin Small on river walking path below Goolugatup/Heathcote lowerlands (Perth, Western Australia)

September 25, 2023 - All That’s Good In Me



Vincent Fantuazzo talks about Dyslexia.*

‘All that’s good in me (self-portrait as son Luca)’.  Original in colour.

(Reposted for World Dyslexia Awareness Day)



Kicked out of school at 13, Vincent is still barely able to read or write.  After 20 years of isolation Vincent was diagnosed with dyslexia.  “I can’t tell you the months of the year in order or the alphabet.  I’ve tried to learn the times tables all of my life.  I’ve accepted that it’s not going to happen and that’s OK.  I can use a calculator and I’m getting along quite fine.”

“I was relieved that finally I knew I wasn’t stupid, there was just a processing problem in my brain which I could work with.”

* Article by Sue Smethurst in Weekend Australian Magazine (March 23-24, 2019)  Video from ABC’s Australian Story.

(Reposted from October, 2021)

September 22, 2023 - Street Art In Gallery


Boots The Clown.


Robin Small.


Meaningful to have these characters on and around the buildings of Goolugatup/Heathcote (Perth, Western Australia) with its dark history as a ‘mental institution’ – on land taken from the Bibbulmun people (traditional owners).  It has since been transformed into an art gallery, community park and concert space.  Part of the Melville Storylines Festival.