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August 18, 2006 - Are school mottos aiming too high?


IMAGE motto boy 2


 Are School Mottos Aiming Too High ?

A child’s pain is unknowable, incomprehensible.  Has he fallen off his bike or been taunted by Bullies?  Some days it’s hard to aim high.  A photographic exhibition by Toni Wilkinson.

These photographs are from Toni Wilkinson’s photographic exhibition ‘Prolepsis’ at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts March 2005 (exhibition photos were full colour, however Toni has allowed them to be presented in black and white format for Black Dog). The following is an excerpt from the text describing Toni Wilkinson’s work written by Amy Barrett-Lennard (Director, Linden St Kilda Centre for Contemporary arts Melbourne).


toni wilkinson 3


‘Prolepsis’ is a rhetorical device in which as expected future event or characteristic is presented as though it was an already accomplished fact. School mottos, as Wilkinson suggests in her latest series of photographs, are an example of ‘prolepsis’ in every day life.  Those high-minded slogans, usually matched with crest and emblazoned on the hats, bags, chests and ideally, the hearts of dutifully dressed school children, are designed to portray the ideals and values that these students will aspire to live by.

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January 18, 2012 - Dear Me

dear me 1


I wrote this piece below reflecting on surviving dark times….

If you need to talk, Lifeline offers a 24/7 phone service 13 11 14.  Or see Black Dog’s links webpage.

‘Dear Me’ .

There is a book that poses the question…if you could write a letter to your 16 year old self, what would you say?  Considering, at 15, I tried to take my own life, this is what I’d say…..

You’ll still be here.  You’ll survive way beyond things you believed you couldn’t.  And there will be many more times when you can’t bear the thought of living another day.   Another moment.   But know that it is but a moment.   A moment in which you have only this desperate thought.

Moments come – and they go.   Tomorrow may not feel a whole lot better but it can be a starting point – not the end.  You’ll need to take some seemingly impossible steps.  Every day.  Day in.  Day out.  And you’ll need to keep working towards change and creating a place, a life, you feel more comfortable and less despairing in.   Find something that provides a sense of purpose and meaning.   And you don’t necessarily have to know exactly where or what that will be.   You just need to maintain the drive and determination to find it.  Trust.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other ……and thoughts of not making it behind.


dear me 2


And you’ll have some massive spills along the way that will lay you flat for varying lengths of time – but you’ll get up.   Eventually.  Every time.   You’ll get up.   You must.   And you’ll go another round so you can at the very least, prove to yourself you can.    Your weakest point will be to rely on someone else to do this work for you…

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June 12, 2014 - It’s Not All About You

What about me book 2
“According to current thinking, anyone who fails to succeed must have something wrong with them. The pressure to achieve and be happy is taking a heavy toll, resulting in a warped view of the self, disorientation, and despair. People are lonelier than ever before.
Verhaeghe shows the profound impact that social change is having on mental health, even affecting the nature of the disorders from which we suffer……”    (Book review from ‘Readings’ , a Melbourne based independent bookstore.  The review itself is worth reading, as it the book….

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