Army of Ink Go Play On The Swings

army of ink go play on swings

Go Play On The Swings .

The want to ride way up high reveals much less.   A moment in the middle that can’t be held.  A view from above stolen from beneath.  I go PLONK.  Caught by the place where soles meet soil.   Much nicer than hanging by a longing for a lift.

This little soldier had a history of plonks.  Each time she played with someone she’d end up getting hurt, which left her wondering if she’d be better off never playing with anyone again.  One day, dumped in yet another plonk, too weary to bound from the stillness that forever taunted her, she sat.  And she sat.   And she sat.  It was in the sitting that she began to wonder if maybe her escape from the plonk would not come from never trusting again.  Maybe the answer lay in trusting herself.  Or perhaps playing only the games that held a balance.  And knowing when it was time to go home before it got too dark.

Footnote:  This ink helped put an end to that longing to be up there, successful, popular, accepted.  It reminds me to choose carefully who I play with and to seek a sense of equality within myself by establishing my own sense of worth rather than measuring up to others.  

The danger in elevating the status of someone else (particularly based on their wealth, success, status, position, beauty)  is that they become more -you become less.   Go Play on the swings represents equality, independence and self reliance.  No need for a lift or a push.  Move under your own steam.  Don’t play for a higher place.  Battle for position.  The flipside to the PLONK is that I now also value stillness.  And if I sit still in the PLONK long enough – it often reveals another option.  It also reminds me to stay grounded, firmly PLONKED in my own shoes – even if they’re smaller, cheaper and stranger than everyone else’s.

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