Army of Ink Stitch In Time


army of ink stitch in time


A Stitch In Time .

I’m all broken – they can’t see.  So I must save myself from me.   I cross my heart, dry my eyes and swear I’ll never wish to die.  

Bad things taught her that suffering would stop the hurt from hurting so much.  And so a tug of war of hurts began.  The more she hurt, the more she hurt herself.   Until one day, in the long loss of her own battle, she beat herself so hard she lost her own battle – she surrendered.  It was in the surrender that she discovered personal victory came, not from beating the hurting, but from mending her neglected SELF.

Footnote:    Looking at this ink holding her doll by the hair, you can’t but feel the want to put a loving arm around her shoulder and ‘take her in’.  Take better care of her.   The doll could also suggest the importance of separating the ‘wrongs’ from ourselves – particularly the wrongs done to us by others.  We must endeavor to be the keepers and minders of our selves.   As tough and daunting a responsibility that can be, winning your own battle is ultimately the most liberating.

(Reposted from 2009.  Originally in ‘Rock The Boat’ handmade book.  Now in Clunk & Jam, 2019 book)