Army of Ink Rock The Boat

army of ink rock the boat

Rock The Boat .

Rock, rock, rock the boat hear the grownups scream.   Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily – now we’re heard and seen!  This little soldier tells the story of speaking up and sticking up for herself rather than keeping quiet, conforming – not rocking the boat.  Maybe she’s always avoided rocking the boat because it was easier to just keep the peace, continue being whoever everyone expected and wanted her to be.  Now I think she’s ready to break away from ‘how it’s always been’.  Experience has taught her that things might get rough but she’s well equipped to stay afloat.  I’m not certain where she’s going?  Maybe she’ll dive down into the depths of her nautical soul.  Or bob around in the sea pondering her fate.   Do a spot of ssynchronizedswimming.  Paddle to shore and bask on a sunlit island for one.  And maybe the plank she’d always been made to walk for the trouble she caused is now a diving board from which she can launch herself into the unknown – the sea of possibility.   To be continued no doubt ….

Footnote:  this ink arrived just after I’d published In My Room and was the catalyst for these diaries.  Telling my truth and publishing it really rocked the boat.   But truth always does.   As does the personal growth and change that comes from processing it.   This ink presented me with a choice – sink or swim basically.    It also posed some questions  …  Am I just going to clamber back into the same old boat to make everyone else comfortable – smooth things over?   Will I ever find a sense of place if  I just float forever in the containment of familiarity?   What’s reassuring about this ink is that she’s strapped the floaty on to keep her buoyant and aid her to get to where she’s going.   I have no doubt she’s going to make it with the Army of Ink crew on board.  

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