Army of Ink Little Black Duck

army of ink little black duck

Little Black Duck .

Mary doesn’t go around anymore, preferring the swamp to the lake.  Where one is not laced in ribbons and bows, or stood up like pretty maids all in a row.  And ducks are not ugly because they wear black.  Jacks can be Jills –  Jills can be Jacks  

Mary goes on to say … when she accepted she was different – she could get away with being herself … and even if she doesn’t  fit it – she still has a place.

Footnote:  This ink seems to be pointing to being different.  Not fitting or conforming.   Valuing individuality and difference.  She’s stepping out of the pretty little pink thing space and into herself.   She could also be about sexuality.  Gender stereotypes and roles and the pain (like ballerina’s feet) of conforming to imposed ideals of what a ‘girl’ should look like, dress like, be like – or a BOy for that matter.