Army of ink Find A Phone Box

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Find A Phone Box .  

This phrase and ink came to me this week – a good addition to the vocab.   It works a treat in those times when something catches you by surprise or you’re called upon to be somewhere, do something that perhaps you’re not really up to or you’re frightened of and you need a boost of super hero strength to get through it – or a place to hide.   

The phone box?  I’ve been exploring the super hero theme for a while so it made perfect sense when a phone box landed on my page.   Clark Kent used it to change into Superman and Dr Who (click to see where he’s landed before) makes quick getaways in his puffing tardis.   The phone box comes in handy …    1.   As a place to go should the situation or moment arise when I need a boost of super hero strength.     2.  Somewhere to hang up the cape, step out of my big brave boots for a while and save yourself a little.   The drape around the box is perhaps symbolic of two things … 1.  The Super Hero cape – both it’s power and its drag – and so the phone box provides a place for both the changing into and the hanging up of the cape.  2.  A Magician’s glossy cloak which, when draped over a dark space transformation takes place and out pops something good.