Army of ink Rock Star

DIARIES tent 1

I wanted to be a star … but I ended up an out of place rock.   I suppose at least I’ve got the place all to myself.   

Footnote:  “The worst loneliness is not being comfortable with yourself.”  A quote by Mark Twain.   This ink is sleeping soundly now she’s found her place.  You see, she’d always wanted to be popular, to fit in and to have all the nice things others had.  And so, the cycle of discontent was set in motion at a very young age.   Now she seems to have staked out her own place and although she’s alone – she’s not so lonely anymore  To secure her in her newly settled place she’s hammered in pegs, hitched ropes and gathered around her all the essentials for survival.  Sticks and wood for warmth.  Fire to ward off any unwelcomed intruders – and help her see through the darkness.   Real stars for guidance – not the celebrity type.  A sheltering tree that stands along side her as a pillar of strength -and somewhere to air out her dirty laundry?   And in the warm glow of her cloth she wonders … what if society viewed those who are different; do things differently; follow their own path, as a quality – not a problem.   And maybe if it wasn’t considered a problem,  it would put a kind of patch on the  feeling of loneliness we often feel so intensely when not acknowledged or accepted for who we are?  And maybe after reading this, others won’t feel so alone anymore?  

Find this in Rock The Boat book.