Army of ink Secrets Out


Do you tell a secret? 

But it’s BIG and if it lands on you, you’ll be crushed.  We’ll be crushed!  Then I say it.  There.  It’s out.  And it doesn’t fall.   It flies.  And we watch it.   And it’s beautiful.  Beautiful … because it’s free.  

Footnote on secrets:  Be very careful who you tell.  Tell only when you’re ready to tell.  When it’s safe to tell.  Question the intention of the telling.   The possible fall out from the telling.   Choose a medium or process that holds you (and your story) as you tell – words, song, poem, image.  Consider who might be able to help you catch it if it’s way too big?  Who you can trust?  Who you can rely on to lift it back off you feel crushed?   Or maybe the secret’s better kept than free?