Army of Ink Blow the Man Down



army of ink blow man down

down on me

Blow the Man Down .

Round and round the racecourse, my finger beat you there.  You mustn’t laugh, you mustn’t cry, or tell little girls, “There, there.”  Take one step out and two steps down to a place you cannot stand.  For it was you, you naughty boy who tried to steal my hand.

The trick is to find a place where size doesn’t matter, nobody can touch the bottom and everyone can reach.

Footnote:  The game I remember as a kid is where as adult holds your hand so you can’t get away.  The game begins as they tickle their way up into your armpit spot singing ’round and round the racecourse blah, blah, blah one step, two step, tickle you under there.’   And you can’t escape their grip because you’re much smaller of course.   This ink is waving a firm finger at the wrongs done to her and reclaiming control.   The ‘take one step out and two steps down to a place you cannot stand’ paints an interesting picture of equality.  Imagine this …  a man, a woman and a little girl (or boy) standing at the water’s edge.  Their size difference is clearly visible as is the hierarchy by age, gender and physical size.   Now, imagine if they all stepped into the ocean, waded out to a place where none of them could touch the bottom.   What do you sea (see)?    Three heads bobbing about in the distance with no clear definition of height, age and gender.    In reality however, finding your own valuable place in the world is a tough trip.  Bottom line?  Don’t allow anyone to look down on you.