Army of Ink Carpet Bag and A Dream

army of ink carpet bag and a dream

She arrived with a carpet bag and a dream …

Personal footnote:  This ink arrived around the  time of making bags to fill with books to gift to young people.   And I do have a thing for the Mary Poppin’s movie/story too.   But I also think, to survive, you have to have a bag of sorts (imaginary or real) to carry with you.  Something to keep filling with things collected along the way that help you get through the tough times and tricky moments.  Serve to map a path forward.  Contain what we’ve achieved so far.  Store things that support us to be strong, independently minded individuals – to survive and create positive changes in our lives.   Or imagine it’s a bottomless bag (like Mary Poppin’s), forever sprouting new treats, treasures – ideas and directions.

Find her in ‘Clunk & Jam’ book.