Army of Ink Enough

Army of ink 85 ever be enough

Will I Ever Be Enough .

Completely fed up with this notion of ‘enough’, she tipped herself to one side and wondered…..who is the great measurer of ‘enough’ anyway?  The holy dispenser of self worth?  The one who’ll grant her the fickle and often self defeating wish to be something more.  And what does ‘enough’ look like?  Feel like?  Think like?  Or could it simply be a matter of knowing when to, “Say when” – when you’re fed up with overwhelming expectation.  Feeling not quite bright enough to work all this out further contributed to her sense of worthlessness and despair, so she put her ‘boots too hard to fill’ away and cried out loud:  “Enough is enough!”

From this declaration erupted an abundant supply of pride and joy and the realisation that there were countless number of things to make her enough already – problem was, they were impossible to measure.  And so… a supreme moment of co-ordination, she gave the troublesome measuring stick a long ride on a firm new shoe – sending it far beyond the world too big.  This metaphorical act of giving the stick the flick also served to remove the load of personal expectation from her weary shoulders long enough to feel ‘enough’….and break the habit of wanting to be ‘superfied’.

Pass her on so we can collectively begin to eradicate society’s highly contagious and dangerously out of control ‘not good enough’ bug (that boys can catch too by the way).  A good question to  ask yourself …. ‘Who, and what, determines your worth?’ Similar posts about …. ‘Not being pretty enough?’ and ‘Filling your own cup’.  and ‘Finding your place’ and ‘Giving the little me a spot’.

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